We are three friends, totally different from eachother, but we share one thing: We face each day with entusiasm an passion for our business.
We got inspired travelling around the world and we decided to bring this special treatment to Florence for you to discover. A small universe dedicated to relax in an unusual way!

After a  careful and precise selection of materials for setting, searching colors and fragrances. May 16th 2014 Florence Fish Kiss was born. In our shop we try to create a small paradise in Florence. A unique centre of fish pedicure in Florence!


Our service, aims to make our guests feel comfortable and relaxed, to make them laugh with the small kisses of our fish!

The sensation is practically impossible to describe, a little initial tickle, and then a tender gentle, and stimulating massage  … something to try!

Not insignificant is the healing aspect: The Garra Rufa is a special kind of fish, by carring out their polishing action, secretes an enzime that restores and sooths the skin; This characteristic is useful to soothe problematic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.


Each tank is a water world in itself, a real aquarium specialized to make it suitable to  practice fish pedicure; the fish are naturally attracted to dermis, they don’t eat it, for them it’s a distraction (fun) but brings substantial benefits through a relaxing natural scrub.

Florence Fisch Kiss Firenze

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