Innovative treatment which consists in immersing your feet in small aquariums with Garra Rufa, small fishes that practice a natural exfoliation of the skin.

Attracted by our skin they carry out their natural function of ‘cleaner’ fish. Thanks to the suction movements, they realize a natural peeling that makes the skin smooth and soft.

The feeling  is similar to a kiss, caused by a slight tickle, in fact, the therapy is also called the Smile Therapy; fast you get used to the sensation and what remains is a pleasant feeling of wellbeing and relax.


  • Stimulate the microcirculationIMG_3380
  • Wear away the dead skin cells

  • Helps to regenerate the skin

  • Make the skin smooth and silky


Is a small fresh water fish that hardly exceeds 8 cm in length. It’s widespread in the Middle East: Turkey, Iran, Syria and Jordan. Soon they were recognized by local people as healers of the skin, that’s why also called Doctor Fish.


The discovery of the ‘doctor fish’ has a random origin: The story tells of a turkish shepherd who in 1800 immersed an injured leg in a river populated by Garra Rufa; the days after he noticed an improvement of the wound, but without understanding why. The fish removing the dead cells had favored the regeneration of new cells, helping the recovery.
Since then, these rivers have become places of pilgrimage. From the Middle East, where it originated, the fish pedicure has spread around the world.


The aquariums are modified  to make it suitable to practice fish pedicure in total safety and hygiene.
The water, which flows in a continuous cycle, it is filtered and purified by a bactericidal lamp. The fish used are certificated and are subjected to periodic analysis and replaced according to the amount of work.

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